April 2023 ChromaChats™ Recap: Challenges in the Purification of AAVs

We had a wonderful turnout for our first ChromaChats™ meeting on Wednesday, April 26th. We had 30 industry leaders in attendance for a discussion focused on “Challenges in the Purification of AAVs”. This roundtable was co-led by Chromatan CEO Oleg Shinkazh and Dr. Peter Abbink, Managing Director at Batavia. The extensive discussion addressed many topics ranging from purification operations, pain points such as high cost and low recovery, scalability challenges, as well as what the future of AAV manufacturing looks like. We cherrypicked some points below, but only the attendees get the full scoop.

Topic: Pain Points for AAV Purification - Loss in Recovery for AAV Capture

Topic: Do certain resins work better to optimize elution profiles

Topic: Any guidance from regulatory and what they are looking for full percentage?

Topic: Where is the value on the triangle of product quality, yield, and cost

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