The future of single-use, column-free purification is here.

Revolutionizing bioprocessing productivity, product quality, and recovery with continuous chromatography.

Reducing the Cost of Medicine

We are dedicated to empowering biopharmaceutical manufacturers with our cutting-edge, columnless single-use continuous chromatography platform, offering enhanced flexibility, scalability, and purity, reducing downtime and resin consumption, and maximizing productivity for the cost-effective production of life-saving therapies.


With more efficient process development, clinical manufacturing, and commercial manufacturing, we aim to help our customers provide the most affordable therapeutics possible to their patients.

We help our customers fastrack their products to get into the clinic, and also provide the most affordable…

transformational next-generation biomanufacturing solutions.
rapid, cost-efficient, single-use, continuous, column-free chromatography targeting bioprocessing and multi-product biomanufacturing facilities.

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