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Our mission is to empower biopharmaceutical manufacturers with our innovative columnless single-use continuous chromatography platform, offering enhanced flexibility, scalability, and purity, reducing resin consumption and downtime, and maximizing productivity for the cost-effective production of life-saving therapies.

Process Overview

ChromaTan's proprietary Countercurrent Tangential Chromatography technology uses an innovative membrane solution to provide the same high level of purification afforded by conventional column designs, with continous output and up to 80% less resin consumption.

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No Specialized Equipment Needed for Process Development

Using standard lab consumables and detection methods CCTC style purification can be investigated with no specialty equipment - making CCTC purification accessible to industry and academic partners alike.

I set out to create the CCTC technology after witnessing incredible inefficiencies in the production of life-saving therapies. My goal was to enable less expensive and higher quality bio-production to help drive down the costs of these key medicines. Today our mission has become more important than ever, with new therapeutic modalities such as gene therapies and vaccines affecting millions around the world during a pivotal time in global health.
- Oleg Shinkazh

Product Loading to Elution in as Little as 10 minutes

Loading to elution can be completed in less than 10 minutes using the CCTC which can help sensitive molecules avoid fragmentation and aggregation.

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