System Specifications

General Description

The CCTC Mini is purpose-built for the laboratory
environment, ideal for lab-scale Process Development and GMP operations. The low flowrate capabilities of the Mini
allow Process Development and optimization to be completed affordably, while the recipe-focused operation automates the purification process. Purifications are completed using our fully-disposable single-use flowpaths, designed to optimize the set-up procedure and maximize runtime, all while eliminating the burden of sterilization.


Dimensional Specifications

165.1 cm (65.0 in.)


55.9 cm (22 in.)


66.0 cm (26 in.)


175 kg (385 lb.)*

*Weight (Estimated)

Fits on standard 6’ lab bench


Purification Specifications

Minimum Flowrate: 2 mL/min
Maximum Flowrate: 25 mL/min
Cycle Time: 15 – 40 minutes
Runtime: 4+ days
Resin Cycle Limit: 100+ cycles
Resin Required: 10 – 40 g
Operating Pressure: 0 – 15 psi (30 max.)
Batch Size: 0.1 – 30+ Liters
Product Monitoring: pH, Conductivity, 280nm UV
Filtration Compatibility: Hollow fiber membranes, ChromaTan Dean’s Vortex Separators
Sanitization: Single-use flowpath, CIP sanitization compatibility

Integration Capabilities

Controls platforms
System Training
CCTC Process Training
TwinCAT, DeltaV Discovery
On-site and remote training options available
On-site, remote, and modelling tools available

For a full view, download our datasheet here:

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