White Papers

Manufactured by Jetting: The Future in Protein A Affinity Matrix Design – a white paper by ChromaTan and Purolite.

Integrated Continuous and Single-use (ICS) bio-production platform – a white paper by ChromaTan and Applikon Biotechnology 

In-Line Turbidity Sensors for Monitoring Process Streams in Continuous Countercurrent Tangential Chromatography – a white paper by ChromaTan and PendoTECH

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Continuous precipitation-filtration process for initial capture of a monoclonal antibody product using a four-stage countercurrent hollow fiber membrane washing step – Biotechnology and Bioengineering111.


Improved protein A resin for antibody capture in a continuous countercurrent tangential chromatography system – published in Biotechnol Bioeng. 2020 Mar; 117(3); pages 646-653.


Continuous countercurrent tangential chromatography (CCTC) for mixed mode post-capture operations in monoclonal antibody purification – published in Journal of Chromatography A – Volume 1511, pages 37–44, August 2017.


Performance optimization of continuous countercurrent tangential chromatography for antibody capture – published in Biotechnology Progress – Volume 32, Issue 2, pages 430–439, March 2016.


Purification of monoclonal antibodies from clarified cell culture fluid using Protein A capture continuous countercurrent tangential chromatography – published in Journal of Biotechnology – Volume 213, Pages 54-64, November 2015.


Continuous Countercurrent Tangential Chromatography for Monoclonal Antibody Purification – published in Separation Science and Technology – Volume 48, Issue 9, pages 1289-1297, May 2013.


Countercurrent tangential chromatography for large-scale protein purification – published in Biotechnology and Bioengineering – Volume 108, Issue 3, pages 582–591, March 2011.

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